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On this page you can put more detailed information about your course(s). This will probably end up being your main sales page. This is where potential students will come to learn about your course.

There are a couple of important things you need to know at this point. You can set three different types of pricing:

Standard Online Course Pricing: You can set standard pricing for your course where all students pay the same fee for access to your course. Fox example all students could have to pay $100 for enrollment in your course.

Tiered Pricing: Tiered pricing gives you greater pricing flexibility and it allows you to set “access levels” for your students. For example below the “starter” membership which costs $100 doesn’t give the student access to certain premium features that the “pro” membership for $200 does. As a course seller you these premium “pro” pages and the content contained within those pages will be not be seen or accessible to students who sign up for your “starter” membership plan. You can add as many tiered pricing levels as you want.

Recurring Billing: Membership sites will need to be able to charge weekly, monthly or yearly recurring billing. The checkout page for students and members who want to sign up for a recurring billing course or membership site will be required to provide one additional piece of information on the checkout page. They will need to register for an account on your site. This is because they will need to be able to manage their subscription for your services (cancel, upgrade, downgrade, see when their next billing date is and so on). Near the bottom of the checkout page they will be asked to setup a unique ID and password. You can click on the “membership” option below to see what your students and members would see if they chose this option.

[box type=”info”]This site is currently set up as a fully functioning test site. Even though you will checkout on a secure server with a SSL certificate installed (HTTPS), no credit card will be charged. We want you to see what your students would experience when they enroll in your course. Simply click on “enroll” and use the credit card number “4242424242424242” to checkout. When the demo enrollment goes through you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be given your student ID and password to login to the “members only” student section of the site.[/box]

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