The Company of Pastors

Spurgeon Praying for His Nation:

Lord, raise up in our churches many men and women that are all on fire with love to Christ and his divine gospel. Oh! give us back again men like Antipas, thy faithful martyr, men like Paul, thy earnest servant who proclaimed thy truth so boldly. Give us Johns, men to whom the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Lord, revive us! Lord, revive us; revive thy work in the midst of the years in all the churches. Return unto the church of God in this country, return unto her. Thine adversaries think to have it all their own way, but they will not, for the Lord liveth, and blessed be our Rock.

Because of truth and righteousness, we beseech thee lay bare thine arm in these last days. O Shepherd of Israel, deal a heavy blow to the wolves and keep thy sheep in their own true pastures, free from the poisonous pastures of error. O God we would stir Thee up. We know thou sleepest not, and yet sometimes it seems as if thou didst sleep awhile and leave things to go on in their own way.

We beseech thee awake! Plead thine own cause. We know thine answer, ‘Awake! awake! put on thy strength, O Zion.’ This we would do, Lord, be we cannot do it unless thou dost put forth thy strength to turn our weakness into might.

Great God, save this nation! O God of heaven and earth, stay the floods of infidelity and of filthiness that roll over this land. Would God we might see better days! Men seem entirely indifferent now. They will not come to hear the Word as once they did. God of our fathers, let thy Spirit work again among the masses. Turn the hearts of the people to the hearing of the Word, and convert them when they hear it. May it be preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven.

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